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Dell Inspiron: Perfect for work and play

When people consider the Dell Inspiron, they think of value for money, reliability and straightforward user-friendliness. And so they should. Dell have been making these sturdy devices for the retail market since the mid-1990s, and have mastered the entry-level, ultra-portable consumer laptop in the intervening years. There is, however, a lot more to the range.

The general understanding is that Dell Latitude = business, and Dell Inspiron = not business. This equation is not only inelegantly phrased, but is incorrect in itself. Both ranges now suit both markets, but in different ways. There’s also plenty of overlap. For example, the Inspiron range offers a wealth of office-friendly features but is perhaps angled towards the small business or home office rather than the larger, open-plan typing-hangar variety. Meanwhile, the Latitude range offers a great many recreational features too, even if they benefit from work-friendly fleet management, scalability and support options. See? Overlap.

But we’re keeping things Inspiron in this post, and the main advantage of the Inspiron is its versatility (find out more about Dell Latitude here). These are devices that lend themselves not only to web browsing, but to games, work and a wealth of graphic-intensive tasks. They may be aimed at the individual, and are not necessarily fleet-friendly, but that doesn’t make them any less adaptable to the needs of a professional. Dell Inspiron laptops are great for everything from the departmental spreadsheets to the graphic designer’s creations, the gamer’s niche requirements to the student’s essays, music and films. Work or play, there’s a device for everyone.

The 3000 series – the student’s friend

Basic computing needs have never been better handled than with the entry-level 3000 Series. These laptops have a light, thin chassis, but boast firepower for a wealth of tasks: 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Processors (3MB Cache, up to 3.10 GHz), beautiful displays and up to 8GB of memory is available, so your device can easily store your music and films, documents and photos. These items are tested for ‘real world’ conditions, such as in steamy locker rooms and locked cars, with stringent tests on their buttons and hinges. The result is a durable, reliable workhorse that is great for students. You can take these devices to and from lectures, on trains and on buses without breaking a sweat. You won’t need to worry about it being bashed about on the quad while you’re playing hacky-sack either. Students still play hacky-sack, right?

The 5000 series – gaming and design

The 5000 series ramps things up a notch. With the latest Intel® Core™ i processors, up to 16GB of memory and useful features such as responsive storage and optional extra graphics capabilities, the attention to detail is stunning. ‘Stunning’ appears to be the operative word across the series’ design, as Dell have made every effort to ensure its user-friendliness and visual/audio performance. Take the SmartByte streaming capabilities, for example, or the Maxx Audio Pro sound. There are also a range of beautiful 2-in-1 designs available in this series, allowing a fluid, flexible usage in a wealth of settings. Suited to both the professional aesthete – web or graphic designers, for example – as well as the avid gamer or film enthusiast, this is a sharp, sleek option.

Dell Inspiron laptops

The 7000 series – the consummate pro

And finally we come to the 7000 series; the most advanced and expensive choice, as denoted by the exhilaratingly high number of its title. Impressive Intel® 8th Gen Quad Core™ processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® 940 MX graphics and 16GB DDR4 memory are available to impart substantial power, so whether you’re juggling multiple projects or are pretty serious about your procrastination, you’ll find these laptops and 2-in-1s are a great choice. The displays (with optional touchscreen, of course) are exceptional, with SmartByte streaming, True Color technology and fantastic, larger screens for wide-angle viewing. The 7000 series also offers a wealth of connectivity options to take into the office, and the secure sign-in and other security features ensure that you’re always well protected from baddies, rivals or pranksters. Acting as a portable desktop, these are devices that ensure your work or play is always the very best it can be.

Dell Inspiron model statsInspiron 3000, 5000 or 7000 series laptops, at the very best prices

So, whether you’re making an investment to boost your career, or are not yet ready to take such trifling matters into consideration, there’s an Inspiron for you. We hope that we’ve conveyed their malleability to the professional world as well as the ‘world of leisure’ (patent pending awesome theme park idea), and how utterly useful and well designed they are. We stock the very best in new, open box, ex-demo and manufacturer-refurbished Inspiron laptops, so you can get one at bargain prices with fantastic aftersale support included. Our stock changes regularly, so keep checking back or get in touch with us today.

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