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Getting Started with Dell

Introducing Dell

Are you looking for that all new and inspiring laptop? Whether you are seeking a laptop for general web browsing or business needs, reading through endless reviews upon hundreds of the latest models is a tiring task.   Worst still, after hours of reading you’re probably still left feeling confused as you try and get your head around all the latest features.Image result for dell logo

Here I am introducing Dell, we have all probably all heard of Dell and the fact they create some of the best laptops out there to date.  Through years of producing long lasting, high in quality products we could regard Dell as the Mac of the Windows world.   However a quality product at an affordable price is every consumers dream and Dell offers just that.  Like most companies, offers on price are always out there, all you have to know is where to look.

Dell offers an extensive product range catering for the business professional, hardworking students and the home browser, with entry level and high end laptops available suiting all budgets.   Here we’ll browse over the product ranges you should consider looking more closely into.

Dell XPS Range

We’ll start at the high end of the spectrum with the XPS range, designed for the ultimate business professional these laptops are built with Infinity Edge Display Screens, Long – Lasting Battery Life, 7th Generation Intel processors and Stronger Wi-Fi Connectivity helping this become the best travel laptop on the market.  In regards to price the XPS range is competitive and as it out performs its rivals, this could be seen as an ideal business investment.

Dell Inspiron

At the other end of spectrum we have the Dell Inspiron range, idea for the academic student of all ages or home browser.  However students studying courses involving high levels of animation and media editing should be looking more closely at higher spec products.  This is a no trills range that isn’t necessarily attractive to eye but does offer solid performance, durable ability, accurate audio and decent viewing, ideal for the hustle and bustle of the education environment.  These laptops do boast 7th Generation Intel i5-72000u processors and up 8GB of memory is available enabling you to store all your favourite music, video and films alongside your important study documentation.

Dell Latitude laptops

Introducing Dell Latitude

Placed in middle is the Dell Latitude range, this unique range is designed to cover all business professionals from start-ups to corporate.   Design revolves around maintaining a basic specification across all models allowing Dell to make maintenance, support and updates more efficient, saving you valuable time.   Containing built in face recognition, Smartcards and TPM Security offers greater all round security protection alongside of course carrying Dells trademark of reliability and durable systems.   With a more stylish and lightweight design this make traveling between the office, home and them all important meeting that bit easier.

High Quality Customer Service

In this blog we have only dip our toe into the water of Dell products,  so if you like to know more regarding the further Alienware, Precision and Vostro ranges then click here.  Lastly, and leaving the tangible features aside for a moment we have to mention their excellent standards of customers service.  With personalised support across solid phone and social media platforms Dell offer the perfect all round products.



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