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Cookies and Privacy Policy


WWW.ITCSALES.CO.UK ("the Website") is owned and operated by Information Technology Clear, part of the ITC Group. This privacy policy, together with our Terms and Conditions, explain the information we collect and how it's used. Please read this policy and our Terms and Conditions carefully; by accessing the Website you confirm to have understood and agreed to them.

Our website servers maintain log files that record accesses to our site. Personal information is not gathered by this logging system, only internet IP addresses are captured which are understood automatically by our servers. We analyse these logs to determine website usage to help us deliver the best experience to our customers.

ITC will make no attempt to track or identify individual users, except where there is a reasonable suspicion that unauthorised access to systems is being attempted. ITC reserve the right to attempt to identify and track any individual who is reasonably suspected of trying to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or resources operating as part of this site.

What is a Cookie?

A "Cookie" is a parcel of text sent back and forth between a web browser and the server it accesses. It was designed to provide a state management mechanism between a web browser and a web server. Without a cookie (or a similar solution), a web server cannot distinguish between different users, or determine any relationship between sequential page visits made by the same user. For this reason, cookies are used to differentiate one user from another and to pass information from page to page during a single user's website session. A web server uses cookies to collect data about a given browser, along with the information requested and sent by the browser's operator (the visitor). Cookies do not identify people, but rather they are defined themselves by a combination of a computer, a user account, and a browser.

We use Cookies on our website to facilitate the operation of our online shopping cart/store and interactive support and chat system. The Cookies in use on our website are as follows:-

ACTINIC_REFERRER, ACTINIC_CART, CART_CONTENT, ACTINIC_BUSINESS, LAST_SECTION_URL, CDSessionID, ACTINIC_CONTACTThese are Strictly necessary cookies to allow the shopping cart to function correctly. ACTINIC_CONTACT allows the site to remember your details on the checkout, it is a user selectable option, and isn't mandatory - don't tick the 'remember me' box if you don't want it to remember you!
phpLiveStyle, PHPSESSID, COOKIE_PHPLIVE_VLOGIN, COOKIE_PHP_VEMAILThese cookies are used to control the Live Chat System if used. COOKIE_PHP_VLOGIN and COOKIE_PHP_VEMAIL are used to remember your specific details only when using the chat system
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmx, __utmzThese cookies we use for google analytics, which allow us track unique visits to our website for quality of service purposes. These cookies don't allow identification of specific people only of unique visits to the website.

The opt out of Cookies option on the website will not disable all cookies, it will leave those necessary to allow operation of the fundamental essentials of the website as is allowed by statute.







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