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ITC Group IT Store | Monitors & Displays |  Dell 30" - 70" Monitors


30″ – 70″ Dell monitors

We stock a wide selection of 30″ – 70″ Dell monitors, suitable for a range of purposes including work, gaming, video editing, CGI development or conference screening and meetings.

Many of our monitors feature Ultrasharp technology, which provides an impressive visual experience for any purpose due to its super wide viewing angle, fantastic screen resolution, vivid and precise colour details, and high contrast ratio. Indeed, this range of Dell monitors is great for professionals working in industries such as graphic design, game development or anything related to video editing, as it allows a level of precision unparalleled by standard monitors. For those who use their screens for more casual purposes such as movie viewing or gaming, the excellent visuals of Dell monitors can ramp the experience up to something truly breathtaking.

Many of the computer monitors in this range also come with options to tilt, swivel, pivot and adjust the screen, allowing users to find their perfect, most comfortable view, and avoid any unnecessary injuries such as neck strain. Many monitors also include integrated ports so you can convert it with IPS technology into a media extension with excellent audio or video signals.

For those who would like an optimum multitasking experience, opting for one of the curved-screen Dell monitors could be the perfect solution. A curved monitor allows viewers to flick quickly between tasks without the need to constantly turn the head back and forth. It also delivers a truly immersive and panoramic experience that provide incredibly detailed images and crystal-clear sound, placing viewers in another world. In this way, a curved monitor is great for a variety of purposes, both casual and work-related.

Our Dell monitors which fall on the wider end of the screen scale are great options for conference rooms or classrooms. The widescreen monitors in this range, which measure up to 70″, allow large groups of people to see information and videos clearly.

Some of our larger screens feature touchscreen capabilities, meaning you and your colleagues or students can work collaboratively during work sessions. On top of this, the monitors allow for crisp text and sharp, bright images, even in brightly lit rooms.

We offer fast delivery on all of the computer monitors in our range, so if you have your eye on one of our cheap monitors do not hesitate to get in touch today. Call us on 03333 222 200, or drop us an email, and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

ITC Group IT Store | Monitors & Displays |  Dell 30" - 70" Monitors


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