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Over the years desktops have significantly improved and have become more colourful, quicker and also have an increased storage capacity. Laptops can give you a vast number of portable options but when you need a device with powerful performance you should consider purchasing a desktop.

Why Should You Buy a Desktop PC?

  • Upgrading the parts of a desktop computer can be cheaper than buying a brand new laptop.
  • Fast processors and no battery.
  • For gamers who might not mind compromising portability, a desktop could be the way forward.
  • Desktops provide users with cutting-edge specifications.

Explore ITC Sales’ collection of desktops and find a device that suits your specifications at an affordable price. We have a huge range of great deals on desktop PC’s, and stock a variety of major brands such as Dell, Acer and HP.

From all-in-one’s to gaming desktops, all our PCs are designed with space saving solutions in mind. With some of our desktops, you can also enjoy up to 3TB of storage! One advantage of purchasing an all-in-one desktop is that they take up a small amount of space. These types of desktop are also designed to reduce cable clutter. For all-in-one desktops you only need cables for the mouse, power and keyboard.

If you’re an experienced gamer or would like to start gaming, you can play the most advanced and graphics intensive games including MMORPG’s without having to be concerned with lag, hard drive sizes or driver incompatibilities. These desktops are high spec and include advanced graphics cards and the latest processors to make sure that you’re equipped for the ultimate gaming session no matter what your level of experience.

We also think that our OptiPlex desktops are a great solution for business professionals. These desktops deliver stunning graphics and have 7th generation processors which ensures that users are getting the best performance from their desktop.

Most of our PCs now come with Windows 10 pre-installed, this means that you will be able to use the device as soon as you receive it. Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which creates a faster and more responsive user experience.

Whether you are purchasing a device for work, gaming or even for its ability to run creative software, browse our range of desktops today.

ITC Group IT Store | Desktop Computers & Workstations |  All Desktops


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